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Discover the future of snowsports instruction with BBI, powered by OnlySky.

Your guests expect to be able to book everything they do online.

Why should skiing be any different? 

With Book by Instructor your guest can visit your online storefront and book the instructor of their choice. If they are a repeat guest, they can book a requested lesson on the date and time their favorite instructor is available.

Let your guest manage their snowsports needs from home, freeing up your staff for other important needs, increasing lesson conversion rate, and letting the snowsports director focus on school growth.


Instructors create and manage their own profiles, and run their own mini-business within your ski area.

  • Sort and filter based on instructor-defined parameters

  • Accept instructor tips, adding to your bottom line, and theirs

  • Easily make the close on more lesson sessions easily from their phone

Satisfied Guests

Book By Instructor™ (BBI) is an internal ecommerce marketplace that enables a ski area or ski school to make it possible for guests to directly book private lesson with instructors at times they’re available. Our partners indicate that this choice leads to more satisfied guests, repeat bookings, and more revenue for snowsports schools.


No more ‘administrivia’, juggling calendars, email, texts, and calls just to get one lesson scheduled.  Book by Instructor allows the snowsports director to meet guests on the hill, work with instructors, and develop new programs. 

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Some FAQs

The guest can tip the instructor during online booking when purchasing a lesson. Future software updates will add opportunities for the guest to tip after the lesson is completed. Guests can also tip their instructor in cash or Venmo at the end of their lesson.

After the lesson, the guest can be emailed a link to the page where the guest can rate and review the instructor. The guest must be logged in in order to write a review. This is moderated by the snowsports school before being posted. 

Yes! Book By Instructor uses the same scheduling calendar as your regular snowsports calendar, so there is never a conflict.

No, of course there is always the option of having the snowsports director choose the instructor, which may be the default option for many first time guests.

Majority of the time people learn to ski or snowboard, because they want to do it with their family or friends, because they want to be Olympic athletes. Providing the best experience for the guest is what’s important, and providing the option to choose an instructor does just that.

Plus BBI removes all the friction of booking a lesson with a requested instructor, by displaying their availability in real time, taking the reservation, and processing the payment. We have found that guests prefer to make their instructor choice themselves, and this leads to a happier guest. It also leads to more repeat business.  Guests often will develop a relationship with their favorite instructor and want to book follow-up lessons directly with them.  Having visibility into the instructor’s availability makes it easier for them to book more lessons without blind requests being juggled by the director to match calendars between the instructor and the guest.

One of the biggest challenges facing snowsports schools is dealing with adverse events like weather closures or a sick child. The school is thrown into a frenzy of handling calls, texts and emails to get everyone rebooked. Book By Instructor lets the guest rebook themselves, taking a huge load off of the team.

Yes, all reviews submitted by a guest are reviewed before being posted live.

Yes, the director can seek out the guest who wrote a poor review to run damage control, as well as choose not to post the review publicly.

Yes, an instructor can create their own schedule and we encourage that to remove the burden from the snowsports director. (Note that if there is a lesson on their schedule for a day, they cannot delete their shift.)  Alternatively, instructors can mark days that they’re open to work or not available and the final schedule will be set by the director.  Either path is possible. 

And that’s ok. It’s absolutely possible to individually select which instructors appear on the BBI storefront, and add/remove instructors as you please. BBI can be structured as an incentive for instructors to always bring their best and to keep morale high. 

If you’re still not convinced, give it a try with a handful of your best instructors. We’ll help get you started, and onboard your instructors.

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